DCF SPORTS provides talent management, sport consulting and financial management for young aspirant soccer players under the auspices and guidance of multi award winning dj Cleo, a passionate soccer lover and goalkeeper coach currently training and mentoring other young keepers and in-field players.

His passion for football began when he played soccer in primary school and subsequently joined the Kaizer chiefs u15 development team briefly for 2 months. The experience he gained in football over the 2 years he played professionally  lead to DCF SPORTS, and his struggles with sponsorships  led to the creation of DCF GOALKEEPER GLOVES.

The phenomenal growth of football in recent times has become a complicated business. Most football players are very young, they do not have the knowledge, skills or expertise to deal with experienced administrators or managers during negotiations or other dealings. DCF SPORTS seeks to empower footballers by taking care of the business side of things, thus allowing them focus fully and solely on their football careers. This will ensure that they acquire the necessary knowledge to secure a better life after football.

DCF Sports